Rayle’s Bio

Mr. Rayle Roberts received his Masters Degree at the University of Central Florida and then went on to manage a 36 bed inpatient unit at Florida Hospital Psychiatric Therapeutic unit in Orlando. He has worked for the Department of Family Services in Central Florida doing abuse investigations for Adults and Children as well as family counseling. He has also worked for Florida Department of Corrections in Florida with troubled teens and pedophiles.

Locally, Mr. Roberts has worked over the years in substance abuse, domestic abuse and Mental Health issues. His relationship work has been spoken of positively throughout this community.Rayle possesses a passion for doing therapy with adults and children but does not limit himself to only using talk therapy but also includes alternative therapies such as EMDR and Hypno-Therapy.

Mr. Roberts believes public speaking is one way of familiarizing people with his work and also builds rapport in the Community where therapy is relatively new. Mr. Roberts has been speaking for the past ten years locally and abroad on different issues as it relates to people. As a dynamic, emotional keynote speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Group and Individual Therapist Mr. Roberts has some long days which he thoroughly enjoys and provides him with a true sense of satisfaction.

His personal life experiences coupled with his dedication to his clients guarantees that he will do his absolute best to search for the solution to the problem no matter how long it takes.