Moving On

Yesterday on the radio, Bishop TD Jakes said, “If your past didn’t kill you, let it go!’.  He also said, “You’ll never grasp your destiny if you’re still holding onto your history.”  Profound words.  Serious words.  Easier words to say than put into action.

Last night I reflected on my day. We think that moving on is easy but it is not.   Some of our life changes are  as simple as an unexpected incident or appointment and some as severe as the death of a loved one or a terminal illness. When life changes, our first thought is how am I going to get life back on track.  But has it really left the track or just changed course?

When our path changes, we need to stop, allow our internal GPS to recalculate and proceed to our destination.  We must come to terms with our new path and get on with it because getting on with it we must!  Life waits for no one.