Your opinion is just that… yours!
My life is just that… mine!
How does your opinion get into my life when the two are not intertwined?

Gossip and rumors abound.  We will never reach a place where people stop minding other people’s business.  Listen, we are not talking about the concerned inquiry or the opinions we ask for.  We are talking about the input people give just because.  They don’t know the facts.  They don’t know you.  Basically, gossips are people who are avoiding their own issues by focusing on yours.

So what do you do about the talking?   The thing about opinions is that everyone has one.  People make judgements, criticize and give unwanted feedback that are often times incorrect and painful.   Ignore it.  Try to focus on your own plan.  Try to take only the feedback from trusted sources.

But I caution you, the golden rule applies here.  If you know how harmful gossip is, don’t do it!  Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.