Fighting the “I Don’t Feel Like it!”

How many of you wake up some days, knowing that you are grateful to God for giving you fresh opportunities of life yet you are still angry, confused, unmotivated, feeling lost? If this morning was one such morning, how did you deal with these feelings? What did you do? How do you begin to ”feel like it”?

Today I read that one must ignore your feelings, at least in this case. Do what you need to do today. Don’t worry about whether you feel like doing it or want to. Just do it. Pretty soon, you will begin to develop a habit of positive starts to your day and it won’t take so much effort. And positive behaviors will reinforce themselves. If it is exercise that you don’t feel motivated to do, do it anyway. Pretty soon, after a few weeks, you will do it automatically and the successes (weight loss, toning, increased energy) will further motivate you.

Today, just move. Don’t worry about the feelings. If it is a positive behavior, the feelings will sort themselves out.