Dear God,

Can you please pass on a letter to my Boo?

I am so happy I got to know you but there is one memory that sticks in the back of my mind and forces me to remember you all the time. And some times it makes me really sad. Last year I really missed you so and wished you were around to see your two boys grow. In case you’re wondering your grand daughters are doing fine and Mahlia and Nya mention you all the time. When I am down and out I think of you and sometimes hear your positive vice on what to do. I understand now some of the personal issues you dealt with all your life and it makes me appreciate you in my life and the family you embraced still love you through this time. I’m just writing to tell you we love you. I know you gave your love to the people and many you thought you could trust have turned around and betrayed and deceived you. Forgiveness is what I have but the pain continues to make me so sad. So much I want to say but we will be together again one day, I just write to let you know some cares and help calm your fears. Also for you to know you left the island in tears. We also started a Foundation to try and carry on your work and ease others pain as some people on this Island are so insane. Anyhow I will leave it there and will place this in my bible and ask that God will send some angels to deliver it to you.

All in all I miss and Love you Boo.