“What if”

When I look at life and our inability to make and stick to changes I realize that a lot of it is based in “Fear Based Thinking”. For many of us when we are faced with a decision of change we look at the negative aspect of it more than the positive. The “what if” thoughts are from a negative perspective instead of a positive. What if all I could see is what I could lose and not what I could gain wouldn’t I be stuck?

Remember the “what if ” in your life you have no control over but the what’s gonna be is fully up to you. If it is a loss of a life , relationship, or self let us all not think about the situation through fear as we all know fear is an illusion.

Write down today the ten things you will gain from the loss you’re going through, it’s ok to be selfish after all it’s just putting self first.

P.S. oh and be patient the process of changing your outlook takes time to be consistent