What Does It Mean?

I think of you saying that he said he thinks he is falling in love with you. I wonder how women miss the clear signals that a man is no longer interested in the relationship.

It started out as a friends with benefits kind of relationship. He spends, time listens to you, shares with you but he has not forgotten that the relationship has a limit but you do. You take all of these gestures as more than they are, you take them as a relationship forming. One day he senses it and starts to back out, the contact is less frequent. The time spent is more focused on sex and he seems irritable because you are trying to get close. Then he trys a big push “I think I am falling for you and I need some space” ; that says remember what our relationship is about, get control of you but you miss it and keep going because he is special, he is different then he gets angry and leaves altogether and you’re left holding broken pieces.

The next time you get into a relationship get the rules and know that you are willing to stand by them. Men are quite clear are you?