State of Mind

What do you really think about relationships? Do you believe that there are no good ones left or that everyone shares? Do you believe everyone is just settling or imitating?

I was talking with a client who believes many of these things and she is in and out of relationships and I wondered if relationships really just don’t work here. But I realize that they are the same just many of us are jaded, we don’t believe it is possible so we don’t try or look for it. We don’t get out of the one we are in that makes us unhappy and so we think everyone else is. I think if we change our state of mind, put into our relationships what we want, accept they are over when they are and give other relationships the respect and space it needs to thrive we might actually see a change in our state of mind and in our relationships.

Truth is how can you not be faithful and think one can be? How can you reserve your love and think you can choose to turn it on and off? How can you put that negative thought in the world and expect to reap positive? STOP lets check our state of mind.